Welcome to EACOMM Corporation‘s Web Hosting Services website.

EACOMM Philippines currently hosts over a hundred websites from all over the world in its various servers. All our web servers are located in world-class data centers in the USA and the UK giving us access to the bleeding edge of network technology and very high bandwidth capacity; thus ensuring that our clients are given the fastest and most robust Internet connections possible.

All our hosting packages are ‘managed’, meaning dedicated support personnel are available to help and assist you in maintaining your websites and servers. As such, you have no need to learn the complexities of web hosting or hire or contract network or computer engineers as our staff are ready and willing to assist you as and when you need it allowing you to focus on your core business.

EACOMM Corporation is an IT solutions provider focused on interactive multimedia design and development. Since 2001, EACOMM has been focused on providing organizations across the globe access to affordable, state of the art multimedia and web-based solutions.

EACOMM has been privileged to count as clients Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies from various countries, top educational institutions, international non-profit organizations, and dozens of small and medium scale businesses worldwide.